Improving Elder People’s Lifes:

Saarthi Welfare Foundation is a NGO which lives up to expectations for distraught maturity individuals crosswise over India. We connect with penniless elderly individuals and help them to overcome neediness; in times of regular cataclysms, for example, surges we recover the exceptionally old and extremely youngsters, who are the most powerless.

Why do we concentrate on old individuals?

  • India has around 100 million elderly folks (individuals in excess of 60 years old) and the number is assessed to achieve 323 million, or 20 for every penny of the aggregate populace, by 2050.
  • Around 33 for every penny of the elderly live alone or with companion just.
  • 70 for every penny of the elderly populace is unskilled.
  • 90 for every penny work for vocation.
  • Elders need to ponder monetary shakiness, grimness, depression, defenselessness, physical shortcoming, social separation and weakness.

Sponsor Meal for Elder People:

In all occupied, open spots like track stations you will discover them –very old and dejected individuals asking or essentially meandering around. Have you saved a thought concerning how they survive how would they get nourishment and haven for the frosty nights? Most rest in asphalts and make due on donations, disregarded by their crew.

In the event that a poor and desperate old individual is given no less than one wholesome feast in a day, she has an opportunity to face the difficulties of her hard life.