Saarthi Welfare Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working all over India for the welfare and improvement of denied road kids, vagrants, desperate ladies, poor seniority individuals and youth in urban slums and towns. Saarthi Welfare Foundation has been working following its foundation through its need-built projects centered with respect to get to training, nourishment, job preparing and human services.

You can give online through secure installment door with your charge card or net keeping money account or through Paypal. Donations are exempted from assessment under 80G of the Income Tax Act of the Government of India.

Vision & Mission

To empower individuals to assume liability for the circumstances of the denied Indian kid along these lines inspire them to look for determination through individual and aggregate activity in this manner empowering youngsters to understand their maximum capacity.

To make individuals find their potential for activity and change.

To empower people groups’ aggregates and developments enveloping differing portions, to promise their specific qualities, working in association to secure, ensure and honor the privileges of India’s youngsters.

Giving Education Materials to poor understudies:

Numerous understudies in India are dropping out of school before graduation, since their guardians can’t to bear to give uniform, course books, school sack and such different things. Their guardians are essentially meeting expectations in shops & stations, market yards, inns or act as auto drivers, rickshaw pullers, vegetable sellers, or local help. We inspire their guardians through guiding sessions to send their youngsters to class.