The “Anand” Home = the big dream

The Anand Home is a rehabilitation and residential center catering mainly to the physically disabled persons. Sometime working and middle class people like CEO/Manager/CA/Engineer also becomes handicapped with sudden accident or incurable disease.

We are situated in Ganeshpuri off the Vasai – Vajreshwari Road India, Anand Home is in satisfaction of the desire of our President and Founder who, in his past incarnation, had devoted himself to caring for the physically disabled.

In 2014 there was a dream to build a Anand Home on a 1 Acre of land donated to Saarthi Welfare Foundation Trust by Divya Jyoti Shaakari Patpedhi Limited.

There wasn’t time to raise all the money needed to build the house before work needed to start because, for the land to be kept, construction needed to begin.

Caption :

Here you can see Mr. Rakesh Mishra, Hiralal Huhara founder member of Saarthi Foundation, some of the boys and a group of volunteers who include Campaign Pillars. They gathered on the land in 15th Aug 2015 to look at the plans and make a plan of action to get the building started.

Connecting electricity, wall fencing, water pump, small kitchen, toilet and small office was the first job on the action plan to appoint any watchman to takecare of property.

This activity was funded by donations raised by one of our Campaign Pillars, Heeralal Suhara and his friends and family. The money left over was used to dig the foundations.



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