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The Anand Home is a rehabilitation and residential center catering mainly to the physically disabled persons in India. We are situated in Ganeshpuri off the Vasai – Vajreshwari Road India, Anand Home is in satisfaction of the desire of our President and Founder who, in his past incarnation, had devoted himself to caring for the disabled.
Vocational training provider is bridging the gap between the skilled people required in Industry and the unemployed youth of the county. We are operating in Rural Maharashtra. Doing this will help our society to get the career edge and the extra push that is so highly needed in a competitive job market, eventually leading to professional success. Computer Training Tailoring Training Self Employment
We at SWF, go by the saying “Teach Them Young” (source). It is a known fact ”the younger the brain is, the more receptive it is”. Now, to build schools accessible to all and then to bring the young brains into it to impart education, is a huge task at hand, for our society. We have taken up the challenge, in whatever miniscule way, but successfully breaking barrages and cruising forward.
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